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No Smoking Day
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Day 19 - Wonderful Gift

Awhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Thanks for your Day18 words of support folks. Nothing like spurring me on as usual. Yeah my son sure is a blessing and he has always supported me. Even when he was little, he used to say, but Mum, what if you get cancer and youre not here to look after me. It most certainly always gave me a conscience and brings a tear to my eye even now cause I realise that this length on, what he meant was his soul would've been destroyed not having his rock. Awh good grief, Ive had to lean over the arm of my chair at work to let the tears brimming in my eyes fall to the floor. Mascaraaaaa!!!!!! lol Yes people, Im a very emotional person at heart and that gives me so much more of a good reason to stay clean and clear of those dreaded things. Sniff.

Smoking can take your life away so prematurely and from your loved ones. Please people. Be good to yourselves and if anyone means anything to you, respect at least that, that you have been given the good grace to be in their lives and them in yours. Life is such a wonderful gift. Day 19 and loving it. Thankyou my dearest son. I love you so so much. Awh naw. Ive just started me off again.


Laters y'all


Breathe free and stay safe.

Flicking my shoulder. Evil Nico is fed up trying to climb back on. Ha ha!!

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I know you mean well tractorgirl, but fundamentally I'm doing this for my own health reasons and the fact that I was fed up with hearing a bit of a wheeze in my chest and being breathless - climbing the stairs at work I even got out of breath. I was also suffering sinus infections which led to toothache, facial ache (sore cheekbones and eye sockets) and headaches. I haven't had one headache since giving up. Aha one might say. Need I say more. Ok then I will lol. The stench I hated, standing out in the cold shivering when weather bad ....brrrrrrr, the cost.....holy moley, heartburn, breath stunk, teeth stains ... and how my teeth have been noticed since how white they are, etc etc etc.

Im free from being a smoking junkie. And I insist on a grand scale, its been worth suffering the withdrawal phase. And singing...............and I did it myyyyyyyyyy wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. (How anyone does it? well done on your own personal choice!)

I know I've been selfish in the past with not thinking outside the box and only thinking of myself when smoking, so that's the bit Ive chosen to be without. I am no longer selfish being a smoker. That makes me feel good about my health choice and it also makes me feel good about keeping myself well for the people who love me too.

How we all quit, Im sure that we as individuals, all have our own personal reasons and those reasons do not have to be reasons of others.

I hope this clarifies what I mean tractorgirl :)


Excellent stuff Paula, you are clearly so happy being free and rediscovering yourself


Lovely post Paula (I'm a bit late - not logged on at weekend), well done, you will be on three weeks now, amazing. :)


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