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19 Days & the best new year ever


Hi my lovelies,

Firstly, aplogies for not being able to support as much as I would like to. Am at work so only get the odd sneaky peak at lunchtimes & when I am not to knackered in the evenings. If I don't post on your thread it is not because I don't want to but just don't have time. I would have liked to post a message on every post especially for new members but am not sadly able to do so. Don't suppose you would especially miss me but for those who think I haven't posted that is the reason :rolleyes:

I am glad to say I have been an escapee for 19 days no & on the whole feeling bloody good about it.

After a long search I have at last been offered a new job so I can escape from the hell hole I have had the misfortune to work in for the last 4 years.

I was determined to get control of my life & health this year as I had so much time off & misery due to my job last year. So far I hav escaped the smoking trap, tried & succeeded in beating the shit, mentally hat has been thrown at me, got an new job offer & have a new grandson due any day now.

Do I feel good, yes I do. Why, because I am doing this. Apart from the granson bit obviously lol.

Keep strong people, you can & will do this. Blimey if I can you can :D xxxx

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Hey you ! Well done! I cant believe tomorrow will be OUR day 20!


And then the day after ... we will be clear for 3 weeks !!!


Keep it up ! :D

Patrick x

Great news Gaynor, both with a great positive quit and a new job :cool:

I remember 'chatting' with you last year about your current job ... you really were desperate to move on. You did it:cool:

No reason why this year can't be YOUR YEAR in many ways now, is there :D


Pol x

Hi Patrick, yep, on the edge of completing 3 weeks, how good are we :D

Thanks Pol, yep, after all this time have finaly found a way out of hell & not talking about the smoking lol. This is going to be, no, is the start of finding ME again. No more shitty job that sucked the life out of me, no more fags that litteraly sucked the life out of me. I am not going to be controlled by anything anymore, I deserve more than that & it is in my power to change that now.


Congratulations on the new job, Gaynor. You sound so good. This is your year. :)

Congratulations on all your success Gaynor - you deserve it :D xxx

Fantastic news on the job - HUGE congratulations!


Congratulations for getting rid of everything that sucks the life out of you this new year :)... and your soon-arriving grandson!:D

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