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Greetings !!


Just found this forum, and its accessible from my office network despite all the firewalls. YAY!!!

Lots of my triggers are during office hours and this would be a nice place for me to hang around whenever I have a trigger.

Started my quit spontaneously sometime over the last weekend, I really hope this is my final quit.

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Welcome Edge :)

It's so lovely to welcome quitters from all over the world. What is the time difference? What's the weather like where you are?

Well done on your decision to quit. The forum is a grand place and I am certain you'll be glad you stumbled across us all. Read, post, share your experiences and join in to your hearts content.

Thank you all for the warm welcome ! Very much appreciated!

I'm in Singapore, a small red dot on the map, very near to the equator.

It's gmt +8, summer all year round. :) it's about 540pm now.

Oh yes- please do Edge. I should like that. :)

Welcome Edged :)

Best place in the World is this to get the support you need to quit cigs forever,best of luck!!!!! ;):D

Max knows his stuff,

Lovely to have you with us, a big welcome from me:)

Pics from the equator = Singapore

Sure, I'll try, some of these pics from my cycling adventures around this small island....

Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Casino, right beside one of the offices I work out off. It's pretty new, and one of two casinos in Singapore.

The Benjamin Shears Bridge, this is the cycling group I was with earlier part of this year. The tall buildings behind belong the central business district, where most finance related companies have an office out of.

A park, with a view of the apartments that most of us in Singapore, live out of. Due to the scarcity of land, most of us live out of apartments, rather than houses. We build UP!

The shoreline off one of the islands of Singapore, Pulau Ubin. This is a nature reserve, it has some mountain biking trails and a network of paths for hikers.

Treetop view in Pulau Ubin.

Wow looks like the places in the Sci fi films I watch. Are u native to that planet or just working there ? x

heheh, got my 'card' last week. native now.


Wow! What beautiful pictures. You are a lucky guy :)

Really loved the pics Edge. Thanks for sharing :)

I see what Debbie means. There's a Blade Runner feel to Singapore isn't there?

I should love to go sometime. I would very much like to explore that shorline nature reserve.

Noo problem. :):)

It is a very small country, land mass wise, just slightly above 700 square kilometers.

It's so tiny that our RSAF's jets (Republic of Singapore Air Force) get frequent complaints from our neighbours for airspace incursion. :eek::o During routine practice flights of course. :D

Yep, I dig the bladerunner comment; similar to Hong Kong, China (Shanghai), it's a bustling, highly charged, stressed out city. Those few areas designated as nature reserves have to be carefully protected and nurtured, or the country literally becomes the proverbial concrete jungle. :(

Hi Edged

Wow, awesome photies. How's your Day 5 going?

Are you a keen cyclist?.....Fancy doing a cycle for charity?? (Ooops, shouldn't bring work home with me ;) )...

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