No Smoking Day
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Just quick up date!

Well still not smoking and apart from a huge crave last week doing well.

Although I now have a appointment to see my original eye surgeon towards end of June (my squint). ........ And the strangest physiological thing has happened, I now only think of seeing my surgeon, and not one thought of smoking has entered my mind, I suppose this is a bigger situation for me, than quitting smoking at the moment. That's not to say I think it is easy to stop, it's just another situation has taken over my mind thought.

Hope you all are enjoying the freedom of quitting, keep going


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Actually, I can really understand that Tracey. Not in the same ball-park at all, but that was partly why I decided to diet/get fit in tandem with quitting (it gave me something to distract me from the quit process).

Really glad you've decided to go through with seeing the consultant Tracey. I think you'll be glad that you did, whatever the outcome proves to be. Please do keep us posted won't you?


"before long even lesser,smaller events like whether to wash whites or colours, will have superiority over smoking thoughts..."

If only you'd posted that earlier Max.

I've just washed my whites and colours together and am too embarrassed to hang my pink boxer shorts on the line in case the neighbours see.

In days gone by I'd have had a fag to compensate for my error.

But not now. I'll just have a cup of tea.:D:D:D


Nice on Junius :D

And as TG says, very good to see you again. Now go get the washing on the line and pretend you did it on purpose. :)



Oh get in there Tracey I am loving this!!!!! :D:D

And the psychological side---what happens is that smoking gets gradually demoted,with no effort from you,out of the top ten things that you think about-until it slips off the radar almost completely :D you are starting that process properly and before long even lesser,smaller events like whether to wash whites or colours, will have superiority over smoking thoughts so remember Trace just keep going x :D:D

Um um never thought of it like that Max, but your right, I thought it was because my squint is bigger than my quit, however you have pinned it down and your right, soooo massive thanks


Thankyou all

I,m just worried that if he says he won't do further surgery, that I will be so disappointed and smoke, as that is what happened last time I saw another surgeon.

THANKYOU all for replying, not in great place right now, so just feel it's hard to support people at the moment. But hopefully soon life will be better.

Enjoy your smoke free day



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