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up date on my champix battle of the stomach

been up docs today,had a really good chat,he told me WELL DONE ..on being a non smoker at day 11.has now prescribed anti sickness tablets to help with the champix morning tablet ,hope it works,he would like me to go the full 3 month course so very helpful at the moment.taken my morning tablet later than usual,giving the anti sickness tablet time to settle ..........RESULT,no nausea at the moment whoop whoop ,bring on day 12

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Well done on 11 days, hope you feel better now that you have the anti sickness tablets :)


Well done from me too. :D

And I'm also really glad your GP was not only helpful but congratuated you on your achievement. :)



I have been taking champix and hate feeling sick, I am in week 5 now and have cut down to 2 x 1/2 tablet and then just 1/2 tablet and just realized I haven't had any today and feel ok. Hope you get on ok now with your anti sickness tabs!



thanks everyone.........i love this forum xxx


thanks everyone.........i love this forum xxx


Yeah- good here isn't it? :)


Hi, just wanted to say a massive congratulations from me:cool:

It's a wonderful feeling when you realise that you have not smoked for eleven days, not only that but to be pro active in getting GP,s help to able to succeed in the quit, is just fantastic.

Two weeks soon, doing so very well.

Look forward to your future posts:)


I find that I have 1mg of Champix, then I will have 1 tablet of anti-nausea pill. If I chew off half a Champix, then I'll half of the other as well.

So far, it's been helping to my stomach relatively stable. :)

Food really helps, so I can't help but put on a pound or two now, but that's nothing if it helps me get off the fags.

Some mentholated chewies helps too.

Hope u r hanging in there and doing alright !


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