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Week 2!!


Feels great to have made it to week 2, week one had a couple "incidents" (2 cigs in total) but all in all I'd say it's going ok.

Nicotine gum isn't really helping with the craving, all I can think of when chewing away at that nasty stuff is how much I'd prefer a cigarette. Maybe since I didn't smoke that many and on odd days none at all it's more the smoking I'm addicted to rather than nicotine, who knows.

Anyway, onwards and upwards, good luck to you all, don't quit quitting

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Well done for hanging in there Big. :D It would have been so easy to fold following your 'moments'. It really does take strength to pick yourself up and get going again.

I shall hope that Week 2 proves to be an easy and pleasant one. If the gum isn't doing it for you perhaps it would be worth experimenting with something else? I, for example, found the lozenges were brilliant. There are so many aids out there now that there's almost bound to be something that floats your boat and it really is worth having something to hand for those emergency moments.

But as you say, onwards and upwards (and well done again) :)

Hi, your doing fantastic, and do hope week two is not to difficult for you.

Great decision to quit, well done, kep going;)

Well done on week 2 (: hope that your week 3 goes really well x

Hi all, just checking in. Sat at my desk, bit lethargic, not getting much done and feeling a bit sorry for myself because I can't smoke right now (yes I'm aware how silly that sounds). :(

Weird, I actually feel sad, how pathetic is that. Anyway, whatever it is, it's not a crave, at least not like the anxious fidgety ones I got before, so I don't feel at all at risk of lighting up right now. :confused:

Most of us go through a 'mourning' period which isn't as daft as it sounds when you consider what a huge part smoking played in our lives. We're all going through a life-changing event so there's bound to be a psychological impact as well as a physical one.

Hold on in there because you're doing wondefully well. :)

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