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Day 12

Day 12 is nearly over. Had a bit of a bad day yesterday, family crisis, a very stressed out day that had me almost reaching for a cig. Fortunately for me I don't live near any shops, here in Spain cigs can only be sold in special Tobacos shops and I would have to drive 10 minutes to one, which gives time for reflection. I know that if I had succumbed it would not have changed the stressful situation, and in fact would have caused me more stress because I would have been gutted if I had to go back to day 1 again. So here I am almost at the end of day 12 still a none smoker, whoopee.

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Well done,

Sometimes things like having to drive 10mins make all the difference to a quit. Like you say it gives you time to think, do I really want to do this?


Good for you, Crotchety. Surviving a crisis once makes it so much less likely you wil succomb next time something similar crops up.

Well done you :)


Hi Crotchety, well done to you for resisting, nearly at 2 weeks now, nearly half a month, see? sounds better than 12 days ;) ;) xxx


Well done on getting through a stressful day. I live in Spain too, and at the beginning of my quit I was pleased the Tobacos was either closed or a car journey away, makes it harder to give in to temptation in our weaker moments.


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