No Smoking Day
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Day 15

This morning was the first time that I had the "one won't hurt" voice whispering in my head.

Interesting that should happen given that I switched to e-cigs 15 days ago.

Strengthens my belief that there is more than just nicotine that we get ourselves addicted to in fags.

Dealing with the little voice in my head was done by mentally slamming a door on it, and answering "oh yes it will"...that one would become one pack a day again. No thanks.

Then I thought about the 280+ cigs I haven't smoked since I quit and how much tar and crap I havent put into my lungs in that time. The little voice soon shut up!

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Well done Carl! :D

With that attitute you're definitely on your final quit. :)


Appreciate your post.

You just take each day as it comes...

I just wish I didnt have the damn quitzits!!!

The sense of smell is amazing though...


Good on you Carl halfway to a month smoke free :)