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Three weeks until London marathon!!

Only 3 weeks to go to the London marathon! When I got my place last October, that was the key reason for my quit. When I told people, I knew what a lot were thinking..."how can that smoker possibly do 26 miles??"

Well I stuck to my training and most importantly not a single cigarette since that liberation day November 16th 2013.

Oh and not that I am competitive but I am part of a group of ten people at work, and I want to get the best time out them all haha. To prove that although I used to smoke, it won't stop hinder me in my new healthy lifestyle!

Keep going strong everyone with your quit

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Good on you Woody you must have loads of commitment to train for the marathon,really admire you for doing it, I guess as a smoker it would be practically impossible to run 26 miles, goes to show how your body is healing nicely in the last few months, nice one :) xx


Blooming heck my lovely, what a massive life change hope your so proud, it inspires me.:)

Well done :):):)


Thanks all. Debbie I am running for whizz kidz which is a uk charity for disabled kids.

Yes it took something as extreme as running a marathon for me to come to my senses. Originally I deemed it to be simply a postponement of smoking and once the event was over, I could go back to puffing away. However it has now become a permanent quit. Once the marathon is done, I will still be smoke free.

Massive thanks for all support from this forum


I don't know which acheivement is greater - to quit smoking or running a marathon?

So well done for both :)


Wow Woody total respect :D

Great charity - wishing you all the best for your run


Thanks very much. It all seemed a good idea when I applied. Didn't realise I would actually have to run the thing! Haha


Wow wee

that is truly a inspiring post to be reading :)

you might well bump into our Steve (angry bear) who is also running in the marathon :D

and if you put a link to the site in your signature your raising money for like he has then im sure alot of people me included wilbe very happy to help you raise money towards your charity

i really do love reading how either something like this has inspired you to quit or quitting like steve has inspired them to run

both your stories will help others to follow your path

so again well done :D


Thanks carol for your message and support


Good luck with your run tomorrow.

I take my hat off, sir - wonderful goal.

I'll be watching out for you at the 3hr+ mark :D


Seconded. I shall be rooting for you tomorrow. Forecast looks spot on. You're going to do fantastically well I am certain. :)


Have you finished yet? :)

Was that you on Mo's heels?


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