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Hi I am new to this forum although I smoked my last cig on 17th March So not on day 1 I am sure I can benefit from joining this forum and also help other quitters. I turned 71 on Sunday, having smoked since my mid twenties, I guess I really am breaking the habit of a lifetime. As most smokers I have had several attempts at stopping, this time I feel is my last chance to quit so I am determined to beat it this time. I live in Spain where cigs are relatively cheap but NRT is ridiculously expensive so I am having a go with the pen type refillable ecig where I can regulate the amount of nicotine I use. I know the jury is out on these things, but at the moment it is definitely working for me, I have had no major craves nor any of the other feelings I have had when quitting in the past so I think I will stick with it for a while. I already feel better, can breathe without wheezing. My hubby doesn't smoke so that helps when at home, but most of my friends are smokers and life here in Spain is very social, so I have to be around smokers or be a hermit.

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Good to have you aboard. How ridiculous that NRT is expensive and fags are cheap. Are the Spanish trying to kill off their population or is it just you ex-pats:D

Well done on the first week, never an easy time. I've tried to quit many times but never stayed quit. This time is different and that's because of being here.Hope it helps you as much as it helped me.

Look forward to hearing how the next week goes.


Hi, and a warm welcome from frosty uk.

Look forward to reading your post:)


Good on you, Crotchety, for quitting under such difficult and challenging circumstances. Speaks volumes for your will-power and determination.

A big welcome to the forum from me and will look forward to hearing how things are going with you. :)


Hi Crotchety, welcome to the forum :)

Well done for making the decision to quit! Wow, like you say, it really is the habit of a lifetime. But it's definitely never too late and you'll feel the benefits very soon.

In my opinion, while it's more ideal to go cold turkey, anything apart from the real thing is great. As long as it gets you away from the stinky nicodemon then it's going to work! :p

Good luck and I look forward to seeing you post again soon! x


Hiya Crotchety....never too late... :)



Happy happy happy for you.

That means I can never catch you up. :(. But am in your shadow:)

Congrats :):p:)


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