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Two Weeks!! (and 1 day)

Wow two weeks! as of this morning its actually 15 days! i never thought i would see the day! Me the one no one ever thought they would see without a smoke in hand, has made it 15 whole days..i must say im proud of myself, my husband is constantly telling me he is proud of me, feels good. I had a little mini celebration last night for my 2 weeks..well it was just me by myself and a few beer, so celebration might be the wrong word for it haha.

Still doing well, my daughters spring concert was Tuesday night, it was the first time i was around that many people in such a small area. there was around 300 plus people in the auditorium for the kids concert, and i swear half of them had all had a quick smoke before settling into their seats.. i could smell it no matter what way i turned my head, the whole concert! I have to say, i have smelt it on someone before after quitting and it was gross!! but all those smokers near by me all in one room stinking it up, and it actually smelt good..not good i want to smoke, just good...

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Well done on your 2 weeks Jinx, sometimes the more people say "she will never give up" the more it spurs you on, it seems to be working for me this time, congratulations :) xx


We're all proud of you too, Jinx :D

Half way through your first month already! How splendid is that?

You're well on the road to freedom now. :)


19 days!

Thank you everyone for your kind words! so nice to have a place to go full od people who understand this journey.

If my spelling is off i apologize, i went and got my nails done, first time in forever because my smoking fingers are usually stained yellow half way down, but not now! staining is almost gone, so i had my nails done, there way to long to type, or text for that matter, im sure half my friends think i must be drunk texting haha..

Things still good, i had a dream last night that i smoked, which is weird because even when i did smoke i never ever did in my dreams, but i did, and someone in my dream said oh no your a smoker again Kyla (thats my name) and i said oh i must be, and i have to say when i first woke up, i thought it was real..was kind of disappointed it wasnt real, but only for like half a second! worried a touch that i enjoyed it so much in my dream tho..


The smoking dream is a very common phenomena Kyla and is apparently a good sign as it means your subconcious is getting used to being nicotine-free. There are quite a few threads about it if you're interested.

Well done again and very glad you treated yourself by having your nails done. bet they look fab don't they? :)


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