No Smoking Day
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Day 7!!!!!

I haven't posted since Day 3, but that doesn't mean I'm not still going strong :D

My house has been without internet for four days, so I'm having double withdrawal symptoms. No cigarettes, no posts here, nor interweb :(

My resolve must be good, as I spent about an hour trying to make it work - unplugging everything etc. Mrs Antitrust politely asked if I knew what I was doing, to which the obvious answer is 'no', and a week ago that would have been the signal to give up and light up.

But, I'm surviving. We just have to make our own entertainments, like in the old days although without fags.

Great to see other Day 7-ers still here - intercityuk, clod, Linda54 - we can do this!!!!

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Well done Anti glad you are back up and running with t'internet :)


Good to see you're still going strong. I'd noticed the silence and wondered what had happened. Good news it was only an internet problem.:)


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