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I know you've heard it before but.......



Yes, it's me again. I know you've heard it many times before:o but I'm back and I've actually reached day 6 without too many problems.

Trying really hard this time NOT to let the fact that I'm denying myself my deadly, daily dose of nicotine rule my life.

I've even got round to reading Allen Carr now and again and I do think it's helping me see things more clearly and take stock of what I need to do.

Hoping they will raise the cost of cigarettes in today's budget as that will increase my incentive to stay quit even more.

I've PROMISED myself that I will not buy or smoke cigarettes again;) and I do mean it. I usually buy them from Sainsburys so the staff on the cigarette counter know me well. I've told them I've given up so I'm going to look pretty stupid if I turn up there again asking for anything other that a lottery ticket.

I know what most of you are thinking but hopefully time will tell.....

Hope everyone's having a good day. x

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Thanks Debbie.

I've just got to keep going and engage my brain and common sense from now on the same as everyone else does towards quitting.

It's absolutely no use me going on about how much I want to quit (and I really do) and then backtracking whenever I feel like it.

I'm just telling myself that I won't smoke today and I'll do the same each day from now on until I don't need to anymore. Maybe that way the days actually will start mounting up and I'll finally get a good result.

Linda x

Hi Tractorgirl

Good to hear from you.

I think I've started to 'judge' myself and it seems to be working.

I hardly know anyone who still smokes. I've seen friends and family successfully quit and told myself I'll do it too - but only when I'm ready of course.

I've envied them and non-smokers for years and had countless half hearted quit attempts that I knew were doomed from the start because I never gave them a chance to work.

All it needs is a bit of willpower and for me to prove that my need to quit is stronger than my need to smoke. x

Linda thats all you can do. Take one day at a time and dont view it as giving up something but gaining xxx

Debbie you've read my thoughts - I have to look at quitting as the positive thing that it is from now on. x

Good to see you too Karri.

How are you doing, have you made any decisions about quitting yet? It would be lovely if we could do this together. x

It sounds as if you know me too well Helene :rolleyes:.

I've tried every trick in the book where quitting and secret smoking is concerned but no, I won't be devious or buy cigarettes from a different place this time.

It's time I won this stupid battle.;)

I am going cold turkey Tractorgirl. However I do have an e cig for emergencies. By that I mean if I am really tempted to the stage where I feel the need to run out and buy cigarettes.

I know it's a case of mind over matter and I'm usually pretty sensible where that's concerned - giving up smoking has always been my weakness though. x

Well done Linda on nearly completing your first week, if it takes you a 100 quits before you make it then so be it, nobody is here to judge you whether it's your first or 50th time just to support you in getting there, keep it going hun xxxx

Chant after me Linda,




By the way I found visualisation really worked for me.

It's a bit airy fairy for me to be honest but I was desperate. Smoking for me was routine and habit as well as addiction.

I knew my two worst craves were going to be the one before work in the car and the one after work in the car. So I rehearsed it in my mind at least 20 times before I had to face it.

The crave still came but it was bearable. If you can practice a situation and respond 'correctly' to it in your head you've got more chance of making the right choice when it's for real.

Try it, it works.

Max, Jenny, Donna and Sue thank you all for not giving up on me, in fact thank you to this forum for convincing me to believe that I can do this.

It might take some time, it's definitely going to take some effort, but it will happen, my mind is made up.

Tomorrow will be a week for me and so far it's been quite manageable all things considered. I've done this before but the challenge now is to stay on course and not allow myself to just hop on and off every time thoughts of smoking seem irresistible. I am learning to ride the cravings out, I am ready for them now and see them for what they are.

My desire to quit has turned into something of a personal crusade for me I think - just words but true all the same.

NOPE will become a mantra that I will use in moments of weakness, all these things that I chose to ignore in the past do actually help I'm discovering.

Well I haven't smoked today and I won't smoke tomorrow - I think that is the best way for me to approach this, that and a resolve to try and embrace the fact that I'm not smoking.

Under no circumstances must I feel sorry for myself for doing something that means so much to me and I hope you'll remind me of this if I do start moaning.:mad:

Thank you all for your patience, support and friendship. It really does mean a lot to me. x

I hope so Jenny, I really do. x

You can do this, you really really can. There are literally thousands of people that have stopped smoking got good in this country and we are all going to be part of that statistic!!!

One day, one minute at a time when necessary...don't smoke and you will be there x. X. Xx

They are great words Jenny.

I'm just sitting here thinking about this whole quit saga of mine and trying to make some sense of it all. The fact that I'm STILL trying to do it would be laughable if it wasn't so tragic but at last I've still got my sense of humour and can see it for what it is and why I've been going wrong.

Lack of commitment and stupidity figure highly together with the negativity I've attached to it. It is all about a positive mindset and perhaps a little bit of 'no pain, no gain' also applies.

I won't smoke tomorrow.:D x

Hi Linda!

Just to reinforce everyone else's messages, you really can do this, we all can. The mantra of nope today and then repeat tomorrow really does work, and it gets easier to adhere to with each day that you live and breathe the notion that you really don't need to smoke any more.

I've just read some of your posts and really think you have the mindset and belief to succeed. Carry on, you'll get there I'm convinced of it and god spede x :)

Yeah it is a bit of no pain no gain BUT it's a lot about being positive as well. I stay positive until I can't stay positive anymore and then I accept that I feel awful but it will pass if I just don't put a cigarette in my mouth.

Can I ask a question? Do you break your quit after a bit of time because you're afraid that if you go further you'll succeed?

Is it fear of success that makes you fail? Or is that too deep and i'm thinking through my back side?

You are going to the penthouse Cinderella, we'll all drag you there.:D

Hi Linda!

I've just read some of your posts and really think you have the mindset and belief to succeed. Carry on, you'll get there I'm convinced of it x :)

Seconded :D

Linda, I really believe that for all of us quitters there comes a light-bulb moment and once that happens, everything falls into place and going back is no longer an option no matter what crops up. I think you've reached that point. :)

Thanks Hawkeye and Skiddaw, I do think my mind is in the right place now and I'm going to make sure it stays that way. I won't allow myself any more slip ups from now on but I'm sure I'll be tested all the same.

In answer to your question Sue the only answer I can give for not seeing my previous pathetic quit attempts through to the end before is just my own stupidity. It was me who was thinking through my backside!

I am giving this quit 100%, there will be no half measures from now on.

I accept there will be times when I'm going to yearn for just one more cigarette but there will be no giving in, not any more. I will be counting the days and probably the hours for quite a while to come but I've told myself that I don't smoke anymore and for the first time in years the thought doesn't make me feel scared.

Now I've just got to prove that I mean what I say.:) x

OMG Linda you sound brill. This is the one for you I reckon.:D:D

Really pleased that it's going so well. :D:D

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