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8wks today

Today is 8weeks and I m really pleased to have made it and very proud of myself because I have been awfully down of late and smoking would have been such an easy option.

But I don't want to go back,and know from previous smoking makes things worse and I,l end up feeling worse.:)

On a brighter note:)..I'm determined to get myself together..onwards and upwards and I'm happy knowing I can go without the fags in really bad times an that pulls me on..:D

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Oh carolrose, A lovely and heartfelt post to the start of the week.

I do hope life is being kinder to you and your feeling brighter soon, it's just so terrible when we feel not at our best, and for what ever reason we can't shake of those feelings off.:)

So to achieve 8 weeks s almost a little miracle . You have done something amazing a massive well done:):):)


Hi Carol,

8 weeks is fabulous :Dvery well done:D


Carol this has really REALLY made me happy :) :) you know I have followed you FF30 and Ola as you all quit on the same day and this is just brilliant! Xxxx


Great acheivement - well done and keep up the good work!


Fantastic, Carolrose :D

You've shown great determination and courage to have maintained your quit despite things having been difficult for you recently. Well done you! :)


Thankyou everyone.....feeling proud and happier and I really really really want this quit.........I don't want to go through it all again:)

Happier days ahead:)


Carol I must say you smell delicious this morning :D:D

10 weeks ago,I am sorry but you smelt pretty awful :eek::eek:

There could hardly be a better time of year,to be a non smoker-you have achieved a phenomenally powerful quit,always supporting others,always believing in yourself and I personally -if I may indulge-am SO proud of you!!!!!!!!!!! x :D

You only have to do this ONCE in your life-quit fags-and you are winning,so when you are winning be happy and celebrate!!!!!!!!!

Thankyou Max....always on hand with words of wisdom:)

Youv done it so you know what it takes out of you and what it takes to come out the other side x

And I'm goin to this time :D


Hi Carol,

6h30 Am here, I am taking a moment to say hey.

We will beat this Carol, lots of hugs


Thanks Helene ,we've both been through the mill lately but it's a fantastic feeling that makes you feel strong when you don't smoke:)

As opposed to weak....when you do.


Well done Carol! :D

Struggled a bit myself this week so here's hoping for better days ahead for everybody x


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