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No Smoking Day
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Day 3 - Embarrassed at 44 :-)

Saturday morning, and with the excitement of her Granny coming to visit today Tiny Girl decided that 6.15am was a good time to wake up. And when Tiny Girl wakes up, all her friends wakes up - and it was my turn on the early shift today (Mrs Antitrust had the benefit of a long lie after a night out).

An early start on Saturdays (long before I;m ready to get up) is usually the cue for a few smokes outside with a cup of tea. But.....no cigarettes today. :D

I've been occasionally grumpy today. Not sure if it's withdrawal, but my wife has been very tolerant. The hard part is that when I've been unreasonable she's gone outside for a fag. I've stayed indoors though!

The embarrassing part about Day 3 is that the visiting Granny is my Mum, and she didn't know I'd started smoking again after last year's 11 and a half month abstinence.

So at 44, I haven't yet shared the good news that I'm stopping again for fear of her disapproval that I started again. And I don't want to feel like I've let anyone down if I.........let's not go there, I'm not going to :rolleyes:

Although, she has brought a very nice bottle of whisky so I might spill the beans later on. Best not to have secrets and all that, and Mum's are very supportive - even when you're 44. :o

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Oh these early days are quite demanding for us. But our mums really do know us and I guess she knew you had a slight blip in your quit! After all, our mum,s do know our personalities , as they have raised us, and know much more than we credit them with.

Well done on your new quit, doing great my lovely :)


hey .well done for quitting again.

regards. Mash.


3rd day is the worst it can only get better from here on - congratulations on your quit :)


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