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5 weeks in

It's been a tricky week with some great ups and downs. For those who read my last post, I was having a difficult time at the beginning of the week. That lasted until Thursday, nearly broke on Wednesday night, actually buying cigarettes from the shop. I didn't smoke them and threw them away yesterday. Thursday and Friday were easier. Actually went through a break on Friday without thinking about cigs which was a first. Today is also good.

Was thinking this morning when driving the kids to swimming lessons how I would get them in the pool for their lessons with their instructors and almost run outside the fitness centre, hide in my car (completely non smoking site) to have a fag before going back in to watch them learn. I must have stank sat next to all the healthy people by the side of the pool.

Going out tonight with the hubby, kids away, for dinner and meal. He is a social smoker but has moved on to the e cig since I've stopped and I hoping this will be a smoke free fun night for us!

Happy smoke free Saturday lovely people xx

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Hiya Val :) I'm glad you pulled through your difficult patch!!

I do think that often when you go through those bad times it's a make or break - and you chose make which is fab!!

Hope you have a lovely weekend :D xx


Hay Valsy. What a great trooper you are, your doing great, here's to smoke free weekend.

I like these posts with honesty, it helps my quit, have fun and enjoy my lovely ;)


Well done for not caving, Val :D. Every time you beat the Demon you grow in strength and experience. I think you're going to make it, I really do. :)

I hope you and your OH have a lovely time this evening. You certainly deserve a treat and a chance to relax after the battle you have had this week.


Hi Val,

Glad to see you are coming through your bad patch, have a lovely child free and smoke free evening :) xxx


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