No Smoking Day
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Bleedin' kids... probably saved my life!

My reason:

A new grand daughter in December! And it was cold out :)

It's easy (convenient) to forget there are other people affected by smoking but a wee baby doesn't have the option to get annoyed and go out for a walk for some fresh air (have you met my wife?)

"Oh what a beautiful baby! Babies smell so lovely... ewww! B&H!!!"

Not gonna happen :D

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Nice post, POS :)

And congratulations Granddad :D


Loving that, yes we have a little grandson, we will only get the one but we adore him, he's now two , and he says let's go nana, one day last week I was giving him his lunch, and I said one more spoon full Owen, he said I've broken down nana, he meant he was full, but it made me smile, bless I adore him, and it,s always in the back of my mind, I do not want him to see me smoke, it's just to terrible:rolleyes:


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