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I didn't notice it was no smoking day today!

Did not notice until now that today was no smoking day. In my mind that's actually a good sign. It means today was just another non smoking day, just as the last 115 days have been! I didn't have to force myself to stop for this one day so I didn't feel guilty or embarrassed.

Definitely feel good. Cravings are minimal, I made it through a beach holiday smoke free, my London marathon training is injury free (and not wheezing) and the six month mark isn't really all that far away. So all good!!

My few recent posts were a bit of a moan, so wanted to post a message with a positive vibe which is how I feel now. For anyone with a significant quit period under their belt but now suddenly getting strong cravings, I say keep going strong and don't even have one cig!! The craving will go and everyone in this 3 month room had done so well. I am sorry I will be leaving you on Monday to join month 4 room but make sure you all keep strong and join me there!!!

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Hi Woody,

You never moan :) so don't go thinking any of us think you do.

You're doing so well- you're certainly an inspiration to me and I'm sure to many other forum regulars too- and you truly deserve your place in the Month 4 & 5 room.

Save me a place won't you? I'm following in your wake. :)


Hi woody, hope your sooooo proud of yourself, I like reading these sort of post, as they help keep me focused. As am early in my quit, this does inspire me to just keep going.

Well done, no going back for you, and a marathon WOW:)


Yay to you and ur running a marathon, you are an inspiration, go you, thats incredible xxx


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