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quitting smoking tomorrow

I also didn't know it was no smoking day either !!!!

Anyway i have tried to stop loads of times, but this time seems different. I have been thinking about it a lot more and i can't help but worry about having a heart attack !!! But i don't know why.

I'm 47 and been smoking 30 years ish and about 15 a day and i really need to stop. My little girl is 7 and i was suppose to stop when she was born :(

Just checked my packet and i have 5 cigs left. So i will have my last cig tonight and will be posting on the day 1 forum tomorrow. Got to do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good luck to everybody on the forum x :)

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how weak am i? like i have to finish this packet of cigs before i stop. Sorry


Hya and welcome, there's no weakness in setting a time and date to quit, quite sensible I think.

Lovey people on here, so post and read plenty. It has certainly kept me going.

Only 3 weeks in, but this great forum, has kept me strong, and it will you to.

Great decision to quit.

Well done


Definitely not weak, we have all done the same the night before a quit, good luck for tomorrow :)


Thank you to everyone for there support.

At the moment i'm really looking forward to stopping, instead of that sicky feeling i get when i have a death stick especially the first one in the morning yuck.

Thanks again:D


Welcome intercity,

We're roughly the same age(I'm 46) and I think it's the age where you suddenly realise you're not immortal and you are actually going to get old like everybody else. :D

Like you it was worry over health that finally convinced me I needed to quit. Not ill at all, but each cigarette started to feel like a game of russian roulette. Is this the one that's going to start the chain reaction that kills me horribly.

Good luck for tomorrow, it's great to be free from the guilt and worry.


Good luck!! Just remember to take each moment as it comes and deal with each crave as it happens. You will get through them and soon it will be day 2...3...4...,1 year!!!!!


Hi Intercity :)

A big welcome from me too. I'm another in the same general ball-park as you (I will be 50 in the summer and also smoked for approximately 30 years) and like you (and Sue) I became increasingly disenchanted with playing Russian Roulette with myself. Good on you for making the decision to quit- your little girl will thank you for it- and if you are anything like me you'll find it was one of the best decisions you have ever made.

You'll get loads of support, advice and laughs here and I will look forward to reading your Day One post later today. :)


Yes i think Sue has hit the nail on the head. When you're young you don't even think about the harm cigs are doing to your health. But gradually as you get older you can feel the harm and how it effects your whole body, especially breathing and circulation. I have never been ill or anything yet, not even coughing but we are all intelligent on here and realise how bad smoking is.

Thanks for all the posts:)


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