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Hello Lovely people!

I'm still here, hanging in there! I finally got technology back on my side but I took a little break forum wise as I felt it made me think about it a bit more but I've not abandoned this place there's no way if have got this far without you all and I'm so grateful for the support.

The last few weeks have been fantastic, we went to NYC which was just incredible, I spent all my fag money in Macys which was soooo much fun! At the moment I'm preparing for a couple of competitions so work is keeping me very busy... Even though I'm not actually making any money at the moment lol!

It's funny because before we went I was fine for weeks cravings wise but since we've been home I've been craving lots. I'm trying to change my diet and lose some weight so with all the good stuff I'm eating I should be feeling great but I'm finding this week hard. Still going with the champix but I lowered my dosage to one a day a couple of weeks ago to stop the nausea. I'm not giving in. My longest quit previously was 2 months and I sort of went a bit mad and just caved at that point so maybe I'm approaching that again. Is thus point particular hard for anyone else? Must stay strong!!

How is everyone else getting on?

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Hi Gemma! So glad your still quit, NY sounds amazing, bet being in macys was like a free for all with your free purchases from fag money :)

Totally get you about the 8 weeks thing, people that know me well on here know that is my absolute nightmare time, I have caved around then every time I've quit, (2 serious attempts, 5 might aswell not have bothered attempts:D) there a re a few others in the freedom fighters who have found that time difficult too so you are in good company :D

I would imagine that now psychologically because you are worried about failing at 8 weeks it's becoming a bigger issue, this is what happened to me, you won't fail though you sound so positive and that time will pass you by and before you know it you will be at 9 weeks and able to move forward positively, I am so happy you are winning, wonderful news! Xx


YAY she's here!!

Glad you're doing well Gemma :)

Oooh sounds like you had a fab time - and got some lovely *free* shopping in too!! That's great.

Sorry you're having more of a cravey time though - TBH last week was really dodgy for me but this week is going great. I think it does vary a lot, but the key to it is distracting your mind, and not letting the craves take hold - have been doing that today and it really does work :)

It's all a mental battle, and if you decide it will be easy, then it will be.

Good luck with your competitions :D

CarolRose, Ola and I are still all quit and doing pretty flipping well :D xx


Hi just saying hello, it does seem to me there are definitely times when it seem soooooo much harder, but. We can push through and see the sunshine round the corner,

Ny wow on my wish list.

Well done on your quit:)


Lovely to hear that the Other Gemma is still going strong :)

Congratulations Gemma, and glad that NY was a blast.

Hope your cravey patch doesn't last long. I'm sure you have the strength to ride it out and it will soon be a thing of the past. :)


From NYC to CH.



Great to see you back and winning, Gemma.

Best wishes,



Thank you so much everyone for the support, especially seeing as I've been a bit of a rubbish quit buddy. It helps so much.

I'm still going through a cravey phase although I've not actually considered going into shop for fags so that's good. I don't think I could go back to that lifestyle now but I'm not sure that the weight loss attempt is doing me any favours at this point but I need to get into a dress in May so time is not my friend. I'd actually kill for a chocolate bar or 7 tonight though!


Something had to give and thankfully it was the chocolate! I think you're right kat, cravings have started since we got home from NY and I started being strict with myself foodwise. I'm still eating lots but it's all fruit, veg and meat with hardly any carbs and limited caffeine etc so not wonder really. I juust want to eat burgers and chocolate all the time like a bratty kid haha!


I find Options (low cal hot chocolate) works. A mug of that and I really feel I have indulged myself (and all for 40 calories) :)


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