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No Smoking Day
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Virtual hug anyone?

Ive just moved house, my dads been helping so much but hes constantly on my back and im stressed enough, he now thinks my boyfriend...... Who works 12hr nights in a very manual job is lazy and i should dump him because he didnt do every job my dad wanted him to at the weekend (he works and lives in Birmingham and comes by train at the weekends) this is making me more stressed...... I want to smoke so bad, felt like this for 4 days now....... Im Determined not to but its really hard going, i hate all this tension, i dont think my fella is at all lazy but my dad wont listen to me and i dont want to tell my fella what my dads said as i dont want them falling out, my family are a major part of my life, i cant stop crying, i could really do with a hug cxx

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((((((((( Massive cuddles )))))))))) xxxxxxx


My dads never had an issue with him till now, my dads a bit of a control freak..... Expects what he wants to be done, done and when he says aswell. I think on this occasion i need to let what he said slide because if i dont its gonna cause major tension xxx thankyou so much, you always have the right way with words :) xxx



Sound like your dad is frustrated because he is taking time to help you and in his mind it is your boyfriend's job

I reckon you hit the nail on the head, im gonna try very hard to zone out and nod, the last thing i want is a fall out, i just hate the way my dad talks to me...... He made a comment that my boyfiend comes home every weekend to get a shag and sit around...... That couldnt be further from the truth amd my dad knows it!!

Thanks for my hugs everyone xxx much appreciated xxx


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