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Day 100

Hi all

When I first quit smoking I put a few diary entries for milestones days and today is 100 days.

I don't get on the forum much but thought on this milestone I would give an update.

Just passed 3 months and I know that I will never smoke again. I don't have craves any more although I do still think about smoking every day but not with want anymore. I've been smoking for 25 years so I know that the thoughts will not go away overnight but I feel great now.

I'll post again when my phone beeps another milestone...... keep going everyone your doing great :)

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Fantastic Lucy massive welldone:)

Best wishes to you on the next 100 days:D


Thanks everyone

Next "bleep" will be 6 months - but I'm sure I'll get on here before that :)


Well done hun, thats incredible :) Xxxxx see you at 6 months xxxxX


Congratulations fellow November 2013 quitter! Great news


I do love these positive posts, am sure you have had your difficulties, however you have done a amazing job, many many congrats my lovely:)


Congrats on 100 days you sound positive, happy and living ur life, I particularly like the idea of milestones entered on ur phone I might have to do that :) xx


Well done Lucy- you've been one of my inspirations and it is wonderful to see you steaming ahead. :) Hurrah for the November/early December Quitters!!

Hope you come back a few times before you reach Halfway House. :)


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