Day 17

Well - there's Valsy and Melby just ahead of me, Tracey and Junius just behind me so

Today my wish is that this time next year we will have all waltzed, walked, raced, jogged, crawled our way into the penthouse one after the other like a row of tumbling dominoes - a week long carnival parade of quitters - sigh, how lovely that's going to be :)

We'll have all saved so much money we'll be dressed like royalty, ordering champagne for EVERYONE

Bring it on



8 Replies

  • We will be there Mina!!! Bring It on!!

  • Yes am following in your foot steps my lovely. Now there's a thought, only I do like a drink, but not allowed red wine, as it turns me into some one called Miranda and my oh says she's not very nice, so hopefully we can have a bit of bubbly.

    Congrats to you:)

    Your my inspiration:D

  • Grab on to me Tracey - it's Val pulling me through......

    No pressure Val :D


  • We're pulling each other through Mina!!! *side steps pressure eloquently* :D

  • Wow we are going to be permanently hungover with all the January/February penthouse parties :) keep it up ladies, as they say strength in numbers :D x

  • It's going to be stampede isn't it? I can't wait to watch you all steaming in. :D

    you're all going to make it by the way. I have a premonition. :)

  • Mina your doing great,and you Tracy and Valsy and....well....all of us:)

    This quit lark is not easy and we are all getting through each day as best we can.....each in our own way.But we are all in this hang on and we will get there...I know we will:D

  • Carolrose

    What a inspiring lady you are:)

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