No Smoking Day
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2 weeks done

9.30 = two weeks done and dusted, onto a new room tomorrow.

My thought /musing for today was that I would have a go at thinking of craves as nature's way of reminding me that I'm a non smoker now, so I should just smile and think of something, even something really small, that I enjoy about not smoking every time a crave comes - and change the association in my head :D:D

That being said.... coping strategy right now is that old favourite - off for a soak in the bath and a bit of reading in bed, must be that my imagination needs a recharge :D:D


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That is good Mina, I am sooo pleased that you've got those 2 weeks behind you. :)

Keep doing what you are doing. You are doing really well, hour by hour, day by day, bit by bit and you are getting there.

A bath, bed and a book - sounds heavenly, indulge you deserve it. :):) bb x


Hi Mina

As you leave week 2. I join that is fantastic, well done you !! :D



I have woken up today, and don't get me wrong, I'm well pleased that I'm about to enter week 3, but the demons are racing around my head this morning......

The forever part of quitting seems enormously daunting - a bit like a huge brick wall :eek: and my head tells me 2 weeks is an anazing success, just the one ciggie today would make the next 2 weeks a sly I am!!!!

There are two safe places for me - bath, and bed - neither being an option I have decided that this is definitely a day for leaving the house with no money :p

I know I can do this, so let's get on and get it done, drop me down a rope, I'm coming over that wall :cool:


Here's a rope Mina :D

Don't think about forever. Small, manageable chunks- hours, days, weeks. :)

You can do it, you can and you will....


Mina you can DEFINITELY do this my girl! :D we are in this godforsaken boat together :D and by jove old bean your going to crack it this time :D xx

P.s there will be a fair number of newbies joining in the next week or so, lots of interesting new people to meet and chat to, I'm sure this will keep u motivated xx


Mina, there is no "forever", there is only NOW. Take it moment by moment because that's all that matters, that's all there is.

You're right - two weeks is an amazing success ** 2 weeks 2 days is an even more amazing success ** 2 weeks 4 days is even more of an amazing success. Take it step by step, we can do no more than that.

Have a great day, sending lots of strength and positive thoughts to you. bb x


WooHoo :D

Week 3!!!!! Well done Mina!!!!!

Oh, and...

"The truth about forever is that it is happening right now"

-- Sarah Dessen



I need more rope :(:(


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