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Just checking in !!

Just thought I ought to check in .....not been on for a while :)......could'nt remember how long I've been packed up but just checked the calendar and its 2 month tomorrow ....Yay !!

I hope everyone else is doing ok .....I'm still struggling with the reflux and bloating etc etc but have new meds so hopefully I'm getting somewhere now !.....think I have a bit of fluid retention but still no appetite at all ...Im putting that down to the reflux :(........started on health shakes just for breakfast which seems to help the tiredness ....... I dont think I would be getting hardly anything at all without them at the min !!

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Thankyou !!

Yeah I feel good mostly .....just the lack of appetite and bloating had me worried cos I was eating so little if anything at all (the reflux dont help) .......the health shakes put my mind at rest that Im still getting my vitamins etc :D:D


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