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Day 4

Right ok, so, I want to say that I'm on day four but I had a wobble yesterday and had three puffs so I dunno if I should reset? Anyway, feeling good today!

I've just sat down for the day and assessed what has happened, well. I have discovered that at about 14:00 hrs I get the biggest crave of the day! I mean full on stamping my feet and crying kind of crave haha! Today I tackled that by picking up my ecig with 8mg nicotine and using x6 puffs, then a mint!

I've had craves throughout the day but I have managed to shrug them off and separate my mind from them. I have also used my 0mg ecig for these too but am trying to separate myself from the ecigs too.

Mentally I dunno what to think! I feel really really confused?! My head is saying but you can have a fag in a few months but then my other thought jumps in saying but you're not a smoker!

I feel a little scared today at the moment thought because although I am really happy with how I have done today i do t feel to be thinking like a non smoker, if that makes sense?! I'm really scared that it's not going to get any easier and these craving are always going to be here ruling my thoughts!

I had to pop out earlier for an appointment at my doctors, when I walked in the building all I could smell was cigarette smoke from them having the back room open. Everywhere I go I seem to be smelling cigarettes, it's so strange though coz even the smell of it makes me not want one. That also doesn't make sense to me, shouldn't it make me want one even more!! This is crazy but good crazy I suppose!

I'm still thinking about smoking but my body is kind of in a mode where it's thinking but I can't be arsed getting up for one! Haha

I know that everyone's quit is different but am I past the worst! Will the cravings have gone by next week? I suppose I'm just a little afraid for the future.

This forum is amazing for the support I have received! Think this quit is all down to you guys! Thank you all so very much! xxxx

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Hi Gritty,

As to whether or not you should go back to Day 1...some will say you should and others will say otherwise but in the end it is totally up to you what you want to do. :)

Really well done on getting back to your feet following your slip. It realy does take guts to do that but you have dusted yourself down and made the decision to continue your journey so fair play to you. :D

As to when it gets easier...well, every quit is different and it really isn't possible to say when the craves will stop for you. All I can say is that it DOES get gradually easier the more time that passes and from the perspective of being around half way through month 3 I can tell you that my cravings are very few and far between now.

Just hold on in there Gritty- keep reminding yourself of why you want to do this- and you will get through it. :)


What matters hun is that you don't smoke now - and you're not :D

Yep it's tough at times but the longer you go without smoking, the easier it will get :D

I'm so pleased that you came on here, said what had happened and kept on with your quit - that shows a lot of strength and determination!!


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