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Day 22!!

Hi everyone, hope your all good. I'm finding it hard to believe that i'm actually approaching a whole month smoke free. It's been a rollercoaster to say the least and I have weathered many storms. Last week was the toughest by far but i stayed strong and held in there!! Just hope I will be here next Monday congratualting myself on a whole month of beating the nicodemon :D Thank you all for the support and guidance!! x

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That's fab, well done for hanging in there when it gets tough 'cos it will get better :D :D x


Well done Rochey :D

You're steaming ahead. The week will pass before you know it. :)


Well done Roachy,I can't believe your on day 22 either.:D

We are so caught up in our own quits we forget what day our fellow quitters are on sometimes.....don't seem a wk ago you time flies when your having

Your over the worst and soon be celebrating a new mth.:D


Oh Very well done Rochey, 22 days is absolutely brilliant. :):)

Just think = more than 3 weeks not smoking, isn't that

incredible !!!

You will certainly be here next Mond to celebrate 4 weeks. :D

You are doing so well, many congrats/ :D:D bb x


Good work Rochey... that is all :) :)


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