Day 3

Nearly caved today...was so close, I didn't see how I could not smoke. Someone at work talked me out of it and I went for a 5 min walk outside. Thank heavens for that person...I'm in shock that I got through that craving but I did with their help. I have just read someone else's post(sorry can't remember name..brain is like a sieve) and they said...smoking is not an option! Taking this thought with me tonight and tomorrow thanks for the inspiration!!!

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  • Hi Valsy

    Just keep going 3 days is brilliant:)

    Are you using NRT or anything else to help or going Cold Turkey.

  • Thanks guys..I'm using a but of Nicorette gum and an e cig and lots of will power at the moment..hoping tomorrow is easier. It's just so exhausting!! Good tip about shower..I've taken to brushing my teeth at home when a really bad craving's a bit fat mind game though and it's hard work!!

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