Day 2 at work

Was really dreading today at work without fags..and to be honest it was REALLY hard. But!!! I didn't kill anyone, didn't make any huge errors and managed by work breaks either an e cig. I felt like I was in a bubble this morning..really fuzzy and a bit light headed. I'm now home and feel a bit more secure with my cravings now I'm on home ground. Didn't get any sleep last night though, is that normal and part of withdrawal?

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  • Thanks jenny I really appreciate your kind words

  • Well done Valsy! You're doing super cool.

    What Jenny said. Jenny is wise.

  • Thanks guys...I'm really struggling tonight but I'm not going to give up in myself...I'm not! I'm going to get some sleep, take a deep breath and look forward to tomorrow bring smoke free!

  • Keep it going Val, feeling a bit wooly headed is perfectly normal, it's all the extra oxygen going to your brain that you didn't have as a fagger :), keep it up x

  • Well done on getting to day 2 yes it's a real struggle but it is so worthwhile

    Stay strong xxxx

  • Well done getting through Day 2 (me too) , onwards to Day 3 Smoke Free :)

  • Valsy, you're doing wonderfully well. The first few days are horrible, franky, however you go about your quit but you soon start to come out of the other side.

    Just stay focussed and the minutes, hours and days will soon pass (as will all the side effects). Honestly! :)

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