Day 1

Hi All,

I have tried to quit smoking more times than I care to remember but this time I am completely determined.

I turned 37 last week and I want to try for a baby with my wonderful husband and I need to be in good physical condition to do so.

I will be relying heavily on you lovely people to help me through the first few weeks, the longest time I have quit for is 3 months and that was a long, long time ago now. I frequently quit for a few days at a time, more or less on a weekly basis and it is just gettng to be completely ridiculous now.

I hope everyone is well and fighting this nasty addiction / habit.

Bye for now

Mel x

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  • Hi Mel,your post could be written by me,started quit every Mon :)

    Then like you said enough is enough and if I was going to quit to take it I did.and here I am 3 wks in with a steely determination to not fall into the pit again:)

    You are most welcome,post loads ask advice and take it day by day......:D

  • Thank you

    Thank you for the posts in response to mine, it is encouraging to see that I am not alone with this battle.


  • Thank you for the posts in response to mine, it is encouraging to see that I am not alone with this battle.


    Pleased to meet you Melby! You are SO not alone here :D

    This is a great place, glad to have you on board.

    Keep us posted with your quit, and GOOD LUCK!!!

    Cheers, Steve

  • Hi Mel

    Best reason in the world to quit


  • Hi Mel

    Welcome :)

    I could have written that post myself......other than the trying for a baby bit! Spent most of last year quitting on Monday to start again a couple of days later. This time it feels different. Nearly done two weeks and feeling so good about it. I think you just have to keep trying until it finally clicks that 'smoking is not an option'. When you get that there's nothing to stop you.

    Good luck :)

  • Hi Mel :)

    Excellent reason for starting a quit that sticks! You will find all sorts help on here from people who have used all manner of techniques to help them quit. Very best of luck :)


  • Hi Mel,

    I could of written that post including the trying for a baby bit :) although ours isn't trying exactly... Anyway! Welcome to the forum, it's lovely to meet you and I look forward to seeing more from you hopefully :) xx

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