No Smoking Day
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Feeling flat

Hi all

Pleased to see you are all doing good.

Back from my trip to Benidorm had a good time only one day when I felt awful all day, but I didn't smoke.

Feel a bit low now, and the fact that I am eating too much is not helping. Feel that I have already put on weight which I can't afford to do as overweight already. Don't want to use this as an excuse to smoke though but need to do something about it soon. Not doing my usual exercise either but am finding hard to motivate myself to do anything, hope this passes soon.

I am also finding that I just want to be home, going out tonight and tomorrow night but do not really want to go and it is not because I smoked when out, I have always smoked more at home as most of the people I go out with don't smoke.

Need to get myself together but finding it really hard. It keeps me going reading on here that all these strange things pass in time.

Thank you all so much would not have got this far without you all xxxxxxxx

I will not smoke today

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Gilly I think it's just the anti climax after all the holiday excitement:D kinda back to reality and your quit....

You did great not smoking on holiday don't know if I could have so early in,so dig deep,breathe deep and focus on the next can do it!!!:D


Hi Gilly,

Very glad you enjoyed your Benidorm break.

I think late winter is a difficult time at the best of times. It seems such a long wait for spring, long days and sunshine. Everyone gets rather run down at this point and that's probably what is making the quitting side-effects worse.

If you can face it, a long walk or a swim or session at a local gym might well help to lift your mood, not to mention kick-start losing weight.

Failing that, chocolate obviously...:D


Hi Gilly

Glad you had a nice break :) You have shown that you can get through the tough days and make the decision not to smoke. Keep that in mind and know you are better than this horrible habit.

Don't beat yourself up over the weight thing, it is something you will be able to tackle in due course. Getting off the fags is paramount, the rest will follow. As far as wanting to just be at home all the time, it is just a passing symptom of the quit. I felt like I was having a nervous breakdown when I tried quitting last year. I didn't want to go out, I felt anxious all the time and generally down about everything. It passed for me and it will pass for you.

Keep strong and keep leaning on the wonderful people on here, you will get through this :)


Hi Gilly :)

Great: you didn't smoke!

We need to work on your attitude towards not-smoking now, ok?

You've been quitting in Benidorm. I've been quitting in Romford :rolleyes:

Still feeling flat?

Forget the weight. We can deal with that later.

The important thing are still quit. Yes?

This whole battle is fought and won in the mind.

You're doing so well!



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