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Hello Month 2


Sorry I am a bit later today but ...Better late than never :D

So one month down and it feels good. My quit is going pretty smoothly at the moment, get maybe one or 2 moments during the day where I miss a cigarette but NOPE :) Not an option!

I never ever thought I would have the right mental attitude to give up smoking so never did really. I guess its just my time :D

Hope everyone is doing well, sorry not around as much but really busy with work and mum.

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Not an option!

Exactly - well said! Well done Lindy, we did it! Cheers to month 2!

Lin, Well done on completing your first month it's a good feeling isn't it? Hope ur mum is going on ok and you are looking after yourself too xx

Congrats on your first month Lindy :D

Thanks everyone.

I'm just tired right now. Between work and mum I'm out the house first thing right through to 8 at night. Combined with 4 hrs average sleep and I'm brain dead haha. Then of course we run the cattery from home which my other half does full time with my support at night and weekends normally. In fact I'm exhausted typing this :D

Anyway I'm here, I've made it and I'm feeling good (about not smoking anyhow!)

Lindy your late lol. Well done on getting to month 2. And heres to conquering month 2 x

I know. I thought bugger I'm in trouble with the Chief now lol. Hope this bottom bunk is comfy tonight :p

Blimey Lindy, didm't realise you and your OH ran a cattery as well as everything else. No wonder you're tired out.

Many congratualtions on starting Month 2 and I really do hope your sleep pattern settles down soon. :)

Thank you :). I breed and show bengal cats. :D

Oh yes of course! You were telling us about the kittens recently.

I love Bengals. They're so in your face bless them. Little furry steamrollers on overdrive. :)

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