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day 25 rough

First of all skidaw, wonderful news about your scan results, amazing how you got through it smoke free. On a lesser note, Patty had a bad night with severe pain. I had to administer morphine throughout so we're both exhausted through lack of sleep. Thankfully I have remained smoke free. How I've done it i don't know, at times could have killed for a puff just to relieve the tension. But I knew it wouldn't ease Pattys pain and I would not have stopped at one and off I would've gone on the puffing train. So thankfully her pain has eased and I'm still on the wagon. Hope you are all ok. Once again thaaaank you for your support. Love Jonno...

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Oops wrong name

Sorry I should have said Bluebell instead of Skidaw, so congrats Bluebell, I hope you remain well. Love Jonno


Jonno sorry to hear you are going through the mill at the minute, fairplay for staying off the tabs it must be so difficult with the stress you are under, I really admire you xx


Poor you Jonno- I hope you both had a better night last night and that Patty is in less pain today.

I think you're doing amazingly well to continue with you quit under all that pressure. Take care of yourself won't you? :)



One of my oldest friends has been the sole carer of her mum (wheelchair bound MS sufferer) for over 20 years, and I've seen how tough it is for her.

You have my total admiration, not only for your dedicated and obvious love for Patty...but for your bl00dy minded and selfish desire to stay quit.

Selfish in a completely positive sense, I hope you understand. Well done, mate.

My very best wishes to you both.



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