No Smoking Day
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14 weeks omg!

Hey Folks hope everyone is doing smashing on their quits and feeling good while doing it? :D

Been having cravings last few days. Not going to lie I really miss having a puff at the moment. Cheese and chocolate are making me fat and ill so cant have that, alcohol..well that just speaks for itself and smoking makes you ill as well. EVERYTHING MAKES YOU ILL!!!!! :mad: like what am i ment to do sit in a room set at 23 degrees, sleep from 11-7 and eat 5 veg a day, two meat, one egg only one slice of toast, one glass of RED wine a day (which i hate lol) etc....I dont like living by rules and guidelines....wheres the fun and excitement in that? Its bad enough we all have to work let alone deprive ourselves of pleasures also.

Im not sayin i support smoking or id be smoking again now and im not, but there does come a point where you just dont wanna think about what your doing and you just want to do what your doing if that makes sense. I found myself thinking about what other drugs might by pleasurable the other night lol! i had to just laugh at myself like 'are you seriously considering other drugs right now'?

Im worried that im losing my determination tbh, im not looking to relapse any time soon but i am worried that im just losing focus here. I dont know whats my feelings vs the quit feelings. :( xx

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Nikki just stick with it. As time goes on your body will settle down and eventually you will feel great with the bonus of being a non smoker. It just takes a bit of time



Nooooo Nicki you are focused, sooo focused you have come further than ever before perhaps it's because smoking isn't on your mind 24/7 like in the early days that you have extra thinking time so you are questioning it? You are doing brilliantly and as you know I am your biggest fan as we are so alike in our quit history, you can definitely keep this up as Max said going back to smoking now isn't an option... What's the point just to have to go through all this again in 6 months 2 years whenever... I have complete faith in you I really do xx


How are you doing today Nikki??

Hope you're feeling more generally positive about things. I do think the time of year doesn't help. Everything seems better when the days start to properly lengthen and the sun comes out. :)


I admire your honesty,coming on here and. Saying how you feel.

My last quit lasted 3 mth like yours and was outside with someone who smokes and just asked for one out the blue.

It tasted vile but it had awakened the habit and I started to romanticise about them and quickly forget my reasons for wanting to stop and all the bad stuff.

Well I was smoking within a week the same as before and all what I went through stopping was for nothing.....zilch!

I once quit for 2 yrs so I should v known better.

Please don't throw away all you hard work,you v conquered it...but if you start again within a week you,ll be wanting to stop again...I would be well over a yr now if I didn't cave in,I so regret it now

Iv been there,3 mth seems to be the milestone we forget our reasons.

Stay can get over this x:)



Listen to this girl, she speaks a LOT of sense:

Determination is POWER. Hope you feel better.


Aww thanl you so much for all the words of advice and encouragent. I have no smoked so no worries there. I even went out and got really drunk saturday and atill did not smoke lol i laugh because i am amazed to be honest that despite feeling so lpw the other day i could not fail myself and smoke. Max you are right. I know deep down if i fail now i proberly wont get back up and im.not going to take a chance. I woke up sunday and thouggt thank god im a non smoker still and the cravings have gone again and im fine now.

I will never ever smoke ever again! :mad: xx


I will never ever smoke ever again! :mad: xx

Now THATS what I'm talking about! :D xx


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