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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

OK before I started back at cycling I was 13st 10lbs, I've not really changed my diet but I have just weighed myself and find that I'm now 13st 1½lbs.

Now I didn't expect to have lost a lot as I know that I have gained quite a bit of muscle, and they say muscle weighs more than fat, I knew that I had slimmed down a bit as my trousers are looser on me but to have lost about 8lbs is a surprise albeit a pleasant one.

Having just finished a ride I might be a little down on hydration so that might account for some of it but the plan is to get to under 12st before October and that looks like it could well be possible.

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Hay hay way to go, what a lovely surprise, to be quitting smoking and loosing weight. Brilliant

Congratulations from me:)🚵🚴🚵🚴🚵🚴🚵🚴

Wow!! Nic- that's amazing!! :) Well done you!!

All the more reason for starting a cycling group, girls. Look what it's done for our Nic!

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

I was indeed a little down on hydration, the following morning after drinking plenty I was 13st 2½lbs.

Well this morning I was very pleased to note that for the 1st time in longer than I care to remember I'm below 13 stone. Only ¼ of a pound below but its below and moving the right way.

I'd been resisting a change in diet but I need to in order to so for the last few days I have drastically reduced my snacking and am more careful of what my main meals are.

Fantastic Nic! At this rate you'll definitely be at your fighting weight come October. :)

Wow this is brilliant! you must be cycling REALLY hard haha. keep it up x

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Wow this is brilliant! you must be cycling REALLY hard haha. keep it up x

It's starting to prove costly too, I discovered today that I need to buy a new belt as its loose on the furthest hole now.

Fantastic Nic! At this rate you'll definitely be at your fighting weight come October. :)

I'm taking nothing for granted. I've 2 weeks holiday in August, I'm expecting to gain some during that although I'm aiming to do a load of swimming too so who knows.

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Under 12 stone!!!!!! :eek:

I remember as a teenager being 11 stone and how big and hunky that made me feel :p

How tall are you Nic?

Not under 12 stone yet, but that's the objective I'm 5'9".

When I was at my fittest about 4 years ago I was training 3 nights a week in martial arts and cycling a couple of times a week and was 12st 4lbs but had a fair amount of upper body muscle as we did loads of press ups and kettle bell training.

With lower upper body mass I should be able to get to 11st 10lbs, that is my target for the ride and would be 2 stone lighter than I started.

12st 2lbs is the absolute top end of my healthy weight, but in order to ease the cycling it would be better to be well within the 9st-12st range.

I am 5 ft 10 but 15 stone-I am a fairly,er ,big boned build but my ideal weight ought to be about 12 and a half stone I think,just cannot imagine being that light!!!! If I can get down to 14 stone I will be delighted.

like quitting its a case of suspending your disbelief, if you want it you can make it happen.

Congrats to you for your amazing quit and stunning fitness progress mate :)

Well one of the driving force behind my quit was health, and this just continues it on. Since I had a prolapsed disc I was a little scared of getting stuck in but I reached the point where I needed to get on with it. The disc isn't likely to get any better than it is and I'll not go back to martial arts because of it but cycling seems OK. The ride is to give me a focus, kind of like my "penthouse".

I was 13st 2½lbs.

That's exactly what I am today!

Keep it up Nic :D

Steve "On a mission to see my abs for the first time in 25 years"

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Well this week I have been taking it easy, I wasn't feeling great and I figured that I might have over done it last week.

I have no idea where my weight is but I've not been careful about diet but the trousers are continuing to get looser.

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Well despite a pretty poor diet (curry, sweets and crisps) and only 15 miles cycled I've dropped another ¾ of a pound to 12st 13lbs.

I'm pretty sure that was due to having over done it last week and the body repairing and building muscle this week. Indeed Monday through to Wednesday I was feeling weak and achy but now I'm ready to get going again.

So tomorrow I'm due to be meeting up with some others for a training ride leaving at 5:30 am, their route is 70 miles, I have set myself a target of doing one 80+ mile ride a month so I will hopefully add a circuit on to the end and make that my August biggy.

Fantastic Nic!

I hope you really enjoy the day. :)

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