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Day 6


Hi all,

Still here but struggled today :( I sailed through the first few days but today was horrible. I thought about smoking all day, been restless and really really tearful! I actually cried at the thought of never smoking again, how stupid is that :mad:

I didn't smoke but just feel really down and flat. I am going for an early night and hopefully will be back to normal for day 7 tomorrow x

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Awwwwww it can be rough can't it?

You're doing really well, especially sticking with it when you feel rubbish - and you'e one of the day 6'ers which means you're automatically fab :D

The tearfulness is a natural thing, and it can be really daunting to think you'll never smoke again, but the best thing for now is not to think about the future, take it a day, an afternoon, an hour at a time. Soon, that will mount up and you'll be feeling much better!!

You've got the right idea going to sleep, sometimes it's all you can do!!

Hang in there hun, tomorrow will be better :)


Thanks both of you for replying.

I am not working at the moment so have plenty of time every day to obsess about smoking hahaha!

Am off to bed now, back on track for tomorrow, can't let the fab team down now :D x

Hi Ola

Sometimes I think we can ride out the first few days on strong resolve and excitement at getting free, but then the doubts start to creep in.

This is pure addiction whispering in your ear. Now is the time to strengthen your resolve by whatever means you can. Read, read, read and then sleep!

You'll be fine - one day at a time xxxxxx

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