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No Smoking Day
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Day 10!!!! Not having a good day so far

Hey everyone

I'm not coping well today so far, it's been 10 days now that I have stopped cold Turkey, I'm feeling a bit anxiety, tired and feel like I'm about to snap any moment, I don't no why I'm feeling like this today I've been coping with every other day but today is hitting me hard, I don't no if it's because it's the weekend and I'm not working to take my mind of it, all my friends smoke so it's not like I can call them for a chat to help me through this, even when I told my friends I have stopped they kind of look at me like I think I was better then them for stopping I even said to one so called friend I'm going to stop smoking just to spite you it's all messed up I feel like I need a good old cry and a big hug after.. I don't no why I'm feeling like this!!

I'm not a depressive person at all, I'm a happy go lucky kind of guy, I never ever let anything bring me down but today I'm down and there is one thing that won't stop going around and around in my head

Sorry everyone


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Hiya jay!

Well done on 10 days!!!! Be proud - how strong you are!

The anxiety and low mood will pass - and I'm afraid pop back on odd days just to test you! To be honest that's the thing I've found the hardest to cope with. But rest, relaxation, sleep and treats all help so my advice is BE KIND TO YOURSELF - it's an incredible thing you're doing there! 😄



I would guess it's nicotine withdrawal causing you to feel this way. Cold turkey can work for some people but if you are suffering too much why not try some NRT just to see if it does help you feel better.

Aww Jay so sorry you are struggling, johns right cold turkey is amazing but so so difficult and not everyone can cope with it, I certainly couldn't and ultimately failed my last 3 quit attempts because of it... Don't be too hard on yourself, while you have done brilliantly getting to 10 days a patch programme or a bit of nicorette gum might be just what you need to take the edge off.

My failures in the past have been because I was nicotine free for a few weeks and reluctant to put it back in my system but fighting it all the time was exhausting and led me back to fags...I a. Finding it SOO much easier with patches ....just to say aswell going CT for me caused such anxiety and depression so it truly is nicotine withdrawal causing all this, I would say try some NRT and if u still feel down in a few weeks perhaps have a word with your doctor... You CAN do this! 10 days is amazing CT but perhaps you need to give yourself a break now and make it a bit easier for yourself xxxx


Jay, I'd put even money on your smoking friends being green with envy of what you've achieved. They're being the way they are because they feel threatened. You've quit and their comfort zone isn't quite as comfortable as it was.

Just hold on in there. You've managed 10 days nicotine-free and the nicotine will have long since left your system. It's purely psychological now. Yes, you're having a bad day today but tomorrow will be a better day and you'll have a massive sense of achievement when you wake up in the morning and know you didn't cave.

I should go for a good, brisk walk around the block and then cook yourself your favorite meal for dinner tonight. Then have an early night with a good book or curl up with a movie. And give yourself a huge pat on the back for reaching Day 10 :D


I remember when two of my friends quit (separately), they were both people I though would *never* quit. They loved smoking and were my confirmed smoking buddies one was my neighbour who I'm good friends with, we'd often have a drink together on a friday night and the other, my best friend from school who actually got me started in the first place! I was gutted!!

I should have been really happy for them (and of course I was) but I was sooo jealous! Not that I let on to them!

They both gave up cold turkey and I couldn't understand how they could do it and find it so easy when just the thought of quitting made me want to chain-smoke.

They've both told me since that it was much harder for them than it looked and it was sheer stubbornness that kept them going but they both say that it was the single best thing they've ever done for themselves.

Keep going, all that nicotine is out of your system now so it's just the nicotine monster begging to bed fed.

If you feel you need a boost today, watch Allen Carr's dvd, grab a boiled sweet/chewing gum, add up how much money you've saved or if you have an iphone download one of the free hypnotherapy apps - even if they don't work it's a good distraction!


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