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Day 3: 57 hours.


So I woke up this morning. Really wanted to smoke. Instead I came here and read some other members stories and struggles and their will power inspired me. After a few minutes of reading motivating words it has disappeared. This forum is really helping me a lot, more than I originally thought it would.

So let me extend a hand out and say thank you for everybody sharing their stories. It helps people like myself that may struggle from day to day.

Right now I am on the mind frame "It's a lot easier not to do something than to do it. Especially if it costs so much money a month only to further damage your health"

Anyways I am off to go take a shower and take day 3 by its horns!

Thanks again guys and keep up the great work! Good luck day 3ers!

And........ GO HAWKS!!!! :D:D:D

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You can do it Mike....its' harder to be a smoker...the cost, finding the right place and time to have a fix, health implications.....than being an ex-smoker...some craves, which will get easier xxx

s x

Hi Mike

This is the time to gather the troops and recall how miserable and ashamed you were when smoking. Not to mention how smelly - did I mention that!!!

It doesn't matter if you obsess a thousand times today - just DON'T SMOKE.

Isn't it great waking up knowing you didn't smoke yesterday? You want that tomorrow, don't you?

Well done. We're in it together.

Mike - this forum is great and you've just proved it - still not smoking :) - your doing great !

"It's a lot easier not to do something than to do it"

Nice thinking, man :)

Well done! 3 days is a big deal, you're doing GREAT!

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