No Smoking Day
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6 Months

Go me iv made it with ease in to six months!

I'm over the moon with myself, yep iv had bad days but iv had a lot of good days too. First day still plays on my mind it was horrific and that's why I would never have a puff of a tab again its just not worth it!

If someone offered me a years supply of Richmond Menthol Superking for free I would say "Do one mate, keep ya stinkers"! I'm not interested one bit!

Still using patches but swapped by cutting the 7mg in half on Sunday so I'm approx 3.5mg lol, had a bit anxiety first day but day after I was tip top again.

I'm most proud because during my quit I had my gallbladder removed, my husband was made redundant and my younger brother in law was told he had cancer! Did I crack and smoke to solve my problems? Na not at all, it was very testing and very hard when the anxiety started. But hey ho its life I got a jigsaw or two and put my mind to working and in all honesty anyone struggling A tab would have only made it worse, ask yourself what would smoking resolve?

Good luck to all starting out and in early stages, keep going its the best thing iv ever done :) :) :) :)

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6 months is flipping brilliant, well done!! :cool::cool::cool:

it's great that you're well and truly not wanting to smoke, and you're enjoying the benefits of being a non-smoker, even though you had some lousy times you still didn't cave!!


Hi Kat & Gemma,

Thank you both, you were all very wise with advice etc in my early days and my bad days lol. I'm so happy I made it to 6 months and really proud. I can't wait for the big day in July to come when I can say wow 1 year, I think my mates are amazed by me as everyone has said they thought I would crack, cheeky scamps! Iv just had a read back through all my posts Jesus wept no chance I want to live the day times again still makes me feel sick lol :)


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