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Still going.. umm strong?!

I'm still smoke free and feeling very proud of myself for making it this far. I still haven't made it a full day without thinking about smoking and for some reason my urges have been coming on more frequently the past week or so.. but I am doing better!! I can make it longer without thinking about smoking and I have enough faith in myself to know I will not give in to the urges!! Crazy as it might seem.. I still like the smell of smoke and I still feel a bit jealous of all the smokers out there that have not quit yet.. but then sometimes I catch a glimpse of a smoker standing out in the bitter cold for a smoke and then I feel a tad bit better!!

Just wanted to stop by and say Hi and best wishes to everyone just started their quit and/or the people still going strong in their quit!!!

Have a great weekend! :-)

67 days tobacco free. 53 days nicotine free

used e-cig for 14 days - cold turkey since

smoked around 10-15 a day for nearly 20yrs

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You are strong - the very fact that you are still going shows you are stronger than nicotine. I know you are probably fed up with hearing this, but honestly, it really does get better. Enjoy your smoke free weekend :D


Hi Heather,

I can understand the feeling of sometimes being a bit jealous of smokers, but don't forget, THEY are a LOT MORE jealous of you! :)


Unless you are June Brown from Eastenders... :D seriously tho, most smokers I know say "I wish I could do it" but we all know they can and eventually they will it is so hard tho but I'm guessing so worth it otherwise nobody would quit :) well done on ur success x


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