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Day 6. Whew!!

Hi all well day 6 is almost gone. Don't know why but its been tougher today Doesn't help that wifey is giving up at the same time, the divorce lawyer is on standbye, hope we don't need him. We're both just a lil grouchy today but if we make it to day 7 without killing each other then we may survive:mad:. Seriously though, it's tough but well make it with your help. Love Jonno

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Almost a week Jonno, well done to you and your OH :)


Absolutely! :)

You'll just have to both do something energetic & satisfying to take your mind off it all. :D:D

Seriously though- well done.


As the others have all said Jonno, it is great that you and your wife are quitting together you can support each other and I believe it means you are more likely to be successful. Keep it going you are doing great:)


Respect :)


Got through just!!!

Hi all got through day 7. JUST... Didn't feel like a ciggy but my lady who is quitting at the same time as me did . God she was desperate and of course unbearable. No matter what I said it was wrong and there was no pleasing her. Of course I know what she's going through.. Been there and got the t shirt. It would've been easy to give in and go and get her some ciggies which is what she was demanding, but I didn't as I knew we would be back on the ole treadmill and back to square one. So here's hoping things will improve tomorrow . I hope she will feel better after a nights sleep . Of course I must admit that I wasn't exactly saint like in the face of adversity, but at least I didn't pick up the dreaded weed. Sorry for the self pitying rant, but it helps. Love Jonno


Thanks amazing Jonno, that would have been tough you should be so proud and i'm sure your lady will be thankful tomorrow.

its a real eye opener when you hear it from the other side, i would have been the one who nagged and nagged at my husband to get me some when i couldnt handle it, no matter what he said it wasnt enough and everytime he gave in and gave me a cig even though he hated it.

Now hearing you say it i never thought once how it was for him! I'll be sure not to do it again!

well done again!


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