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Easier than I thought - am I deluded?


So, just signed up tonight and wanted to share getting to day 23.............Im 33 and was having real difficulty breathing after a persistent chest infection last summer. It took a month and 2 sets of antibiotics and it was still there and eventually it just cleared up gradually. However, I was left with an inability to catch a breath most of the time and was constantly tired because of it.

Even with that, I still went through months of struggling to catch breaths and kept smoking. I knew in my heart that I wanted to give it up but it was just so difficult. I actually felt like I could breath better when I smoked but I think that was probably the cigs relieving some anxiety about the inability to catch a breath. I was getting really worried and in December just kinda decided when I went to work I wouldn't take 10 cigs I would take 5 then 4 the next night then 3 then I just stopped. Bought a great wee e-cig (which is great in my personal opinion and not something I'm advocating in case its against forum rules).

Anyway its been 3 great weeks, the breathlessness is all but gone and had improved after less than a week. The only thing is my sleeping, which is a mess. Im waking up hourly, my dreams are even more vivid than they were before - although I used to talk a lot in my sleep and thats died down now. Im pretty tired a lot just now even though Ive started doing regular walks and done some hill climbing over new year. Hopefully that'll settle itself out soon though.

Did notice my gums bleeding a lot now when I brush but suspect thats because the nerve endings are repairing and becoming more sensitive.

I haven't really thought about smoking too much, the cravings have been really easy so far and Ive saved £120 towards the cost of the xbox one I intend to buy when I get to £450. My kids also don't complain that I stink from coming in from the back garden after a cig so it seems like all the positives at the mo are outweighing the negatives.

I just know with everything that is bad for you giving it up isn't a bed of roses and Im expecting some horrible cough to come soon. Have noticed that Im having sneezing fits a lot though but dont have the cold. In general I can see a real improvement in my health. People have said already that Im not looking as pale as I was before and Ive noticed that the wrinkles Ive developed over the years under my eyes aren't looking as bad either!!!

Anyway, Im sure Im not the only one to have experienced this and I dont usually do forums but just felt that with this being one of the hardest things Ive had to do it was worthwhile joining you all.

Well done to all the ex smokers out there too!! Hardest thing ever!



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Hi Chris,

Lovely to meet you :) and many, many congratulations on Day 23. That's fantastic- well done you!! :D

So glad you've joined the forum. I honestly doubt I would have made it as far as I have without everyone here. Everyone is lovely and you'll get shed-loads of support and advice whenever you need it.

All your symptoms sound perfectly normal and will pass in time. You've obviously already discovered that the positives soon outweigh the negatives and I promise it just carries on getting better and better :)

I go hill waking too whenever I get the opportuniity (not much in the way of mountains in the vicinity of Reading so we make do with the Downs between hill walking trips). Whereabouts are you based out of nosiness?

Anyway, welcome to the forum and have a lovely day.

Hi Chris

What a possitive post - really good to see.

As Skid says its all normal and part of the healing process.

Great to see you and keep posting as there are lots of really supportive nice people here to offer support and advice :)

Great post Chris!

You're a real inspiration. It's worth it just for the nice comments we get from our kids, innit?

Best wishes,


Well done on 23 days that's really good going, nice to meet you and keep it up :) xx

Hello Chris and welcome! Are you deluded? Not necessarily.....you may well sail through your quit with no problems! That would be brilliant! But the important thing is not to be complacent..........craves can strike out of the blue, when you are not expecting them; they can take you by surprise, so be on your guard at all times and have a plan for what you will do if one does strike.

Well done on your 3 weeks.....the benefits of quitting are rolling in now and you should feel rightly proud of how far you have come on your journey to smokefreeness. :)


Welcome Chris - I have a sneaky suspicion that this may not be as hard as we thought it was going to be. Early days I know, but often the fear of taking something on is worse than the actual taking on of it.

Welcome Chris and well done on your quit so far. If you can keep the positive attitude then there's no reason you can't actually enjoy your quit and all the benefits it brings... :)

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