Got to Day 6!

Hi all.

Pleased to announce I have made it to day 6 (even after the nightmare that was yesterday!).

Today so far has not been too bad. I had such a bad time emotionally yesterday, in the evening I decided to "treat" myself to some wine to calm my nerves etc and ended up drinking far too much so now I have a massive hangover:( But at least I'm not smoking.

Hope everyone else is doing well!

3 Replies

  • Your doing bl00dy well gruff. Alcohol is usually a massive stumbling block for most. magic :D

  • Gruff, you're a star (albeit a hungover one :)).

    Glad you're feeling a bit better today emotionally.

    Nearly a week! You really will turn the corner soon. Well done.

  • Well done, 1 more day and you have that 1st week out the way....Fantastic :)

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