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Day 5 ... struggling!

So glad to have found this forum.

On Saturday I decided I HAD to get serious about stopping smoking so applied a patch..... here is my day to day account! Was a smoker of 20 per day!

Day 1 - wore patch but smoked 4 cigs, removed patch at night

Day 2 - Felt I needed a cig firts thing in the morning then wore patch and smoked 3 cigs. Decided to try and wear patch all night .... was still awake at 4.30am!! Removed patch and after 2.5 hrs sleep got up.

Day 3 - Had a cig first thing then wore patch and only had 2 more. removed patch at night .... really needed to sleep!

Day 4 - Hard day but managed only to have 2 cigs .... 1 first thing and the other in 2 halves later at night.

Day 5 - Today ....... had 2 cigs this morning before putting on patch. Now wearing patch BUT really want a cig! Am so tempted to go and buy 10 but have I failed if I do???

Is anyone else feeling like I do? Was hoping it would be getting easier ... is it just a blip? Have tried the electronic cig but it is just not the same.

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Hi les

Great that you are thinking about quitting but I don't think it's a good idea to smoke when you are using other NRT.

There is a book by Allen Carr "Easy Way to Stop Smoking" which advises the reader to smoke whilst reading the contents - and quit by the end of the book - I would give that a go. It helps the reader to grasp the right mindset in order to sustain a quit. In fact I think it's available on youtube under the same heading. :)

What I am trying to say is that you need to arm yourself with information to have a greater chance of success. :)


I spent 10 months using patches whilst still having at least 5 fags a day and telling anyone who'd listen that I was "trying" to give up - I now realise I wasn't, it was a halfhearted attempt to fool myself that I was trying because I didn't really want to stop smoking. If I hadn't been "found out" by the practice cessation nurse who realised what I was doing and gave me a final option of trying Champix or be removed from the cessation programme for at least six months, I would probably be back to smoking at least twenty a day. Luckily for me, within a few weeks of being on Champix I had my light bulb moment and have not wanted a cigarette since. Please don't get me wrong, I have had some incredibly difficult moments and some whopping cravings, but nothing that was enough to make me want to light up again. Nothing can make you stop smoking except you, if your heart isn't in it you will not do it. You need to decide if this is what you really want, and if it is you need to give it more welly than "I tried". You will find every excuse and reason to have the "odd" one now and again otherwise, trust me I've been there. And remember, there is not one excuse you can think of that one of us on here have not already used. I hope you find the inspiration and method that's right for you ;)


Never give up giving may take a while for the mind to get fully on board with the quit. That is how i am finding it. I have had patches on and off for the last week and had a few smoke, but I am keeping myself committed to the quit and am back on Day 2. It will happen....people on here who have succeeded talk about it, so dont loose heart as it may take a little time.

The patches kept me awake also, so I have ditched them for now and going CT.


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