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1st week so far so good.......


Last roll-up smoked 31/12/13 23.41. GMT..... I've not had a cig at all for last 7 days and it has been a mix bag of crazy. Head still feels wired kinda cant stop still at all, my focus/concentration is all over the place lol. Eating erm well everything and anything atm hahah!!!.

All in all very happy with my determination, pure will power nothing else been smoking since i was 14 and im 37 now, never believed i could do it, next milestone 2 weeks.

Hardest part has been keeping busy and completely trying to distract myself when i feel a craving coming on. Usually if i see someone lighting up/ or friends mentioning it. I do find going over the positives constantly in my head or what im going to use the money for i'm going to save. Am hoping i will be much more relaxed over the next few weeks.

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Hi and welcome


well done on making the decision to quit

there are some really great reads in the tip section of the forum but posting as much as you can especially if you feel yourself weakening post first as there is always someone around to help you get through it

ops sorry forgot to say that those symptons will pass

onwards and upwards is the only way to go


Well done on ur first week :) onwards and upwards :) xx

Well done, your doing great!

Keep it up :-)

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