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Nicorette gum

Ok I am proud to say that in March I will be 5 years off the dirty cigarettes and that was with the support of this forum, however I am only 5 days free from Nicotine as I have been chewing gum for all this time.

This could serve as a warning to others especially as the 'hair loss' and teeth damage could be real if evidence is searched for as I've suffered both these. Anyways I'm 5 days free from the gum BUT craving and struggling-hence popping on this site after so long. Well done all the quitters put there.

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I read a report recently about quitters who continue to use NRT and there was one man who quit 12 years ago but still uses gum.

From my very limited personal experience, there's a substantial difference between giving up fags and giving up NRT. I stopped using patches a week ago and whilst I felt vaguely 'twitchy' for the first couple of days it wasn't anything like the initial quit. I think that unless you're taking loads of it the NRT effect is probably as much psychological as it is physical (and consequently, possibly more difficult to give up the longer you use it).

However, the main thing is you've been off the fags for 5 years and that's an amazing achievement :D Quitting NRT will, I am sure, be a doddle in comparison to that.


Congratulations Dee Dee on 5 years smoke free, my MIL quit 3 years ago and still chews he gum though it's only 1 or 2 pieces a day, hopefully it will be alot easier to withdraw from the gum, at least you don't have to worry about the smoking action or the habit, hopefully it will be plain sailing :)


Five whole years well done my lovely:)

Have you thought, maybe to put low dose patch on, it may help. And even cut them in half to reduce the dosage slowly.

We have a friend who has used gum for 8 years, he can't wean himself off.

Good luck and massive well done :)


I think electronic cigarette is the best way for quitting the cigarette.

How apt.

Out of the 3 years that I've been on here not once have I come across a new member who hasn't mentioned their own quit or is about to try and quit in their first 10 posts until now, are you still a smoker or have you come here to spam the full shop of e-cigs in your signature?


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