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No Smoking Day
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Hello everyone


I'm quite new with this, but since I have come across this forum yesterday, I decided to join up this morning, as reading through this page helped me to keep motivated to why I want to quit smoking.

I have stopped for 4 1/2 days (5 days this afternoon at 4:00pm - this is when I stubbed my last cigarette out!!) and so far, I am very proud of myself (I cannot remember the last time I gone this far without a cigarette!!!)... The only thing I am having at the moment is this burning sensation in my nose - whether this is normal or not? (Plus the cravings :( )

I have smoked between 10 - 15 cigarettes a day for nearly 13 years. I decided to quit because of both financially (I am a full-time student) and personal reasons (I am also a nursing student!! and I want to set a good example by become a good role model, especially to my new nephew!).

Looking Forward to join everyone later in the evening :)

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Hi Lynn

I too have been smoking for 13 years and am now on day 5 of non smoking (with the help of the e-cig!) - well done, we can do it!!


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