No Smoking Day
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Well I was supposed to get a delivery yesterday I took an unpaid day off work it was an all day call up until 9pm

9pm came and went.. No delivery!! I got on the phone and was told the delivery date isn't guaranteed it could take up to 4 days... Which begs the question.... WELL WHY GIVE A DELIVERY DATE THEN!!!! :mad:

After my heated phone call where I explained I have lost 7 hours money at work I put the phone down ( wanted to slam it down but it's not as satisfying with a mobile :D) and thought right let's go out for a fag and calm down.. Oh but I don't smoke :/ so I settled for a schooner of Shiraz :)

Delivery coming from Royal Mail so no doubt I will be carded and miss it as at work all week...ffs!!! Aaaaargh

I wanted the iPad to come sick of squinting at my phone....

Anyway rant over onwards and upwards with day 5 :)

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