No Smoking Day
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Dont ever regret giving up the smokes.

At times it will feel like everything is against you and that it is just not worth it. There will be more rainy days for the first month. Dark days, Oh my lord I remember these and these are the darkest days. A sense of hope and hopelessness are strong here,

BUT at the end of the first month, where you realize that it has been a whole month since you last had smoke, the air pressure drops and sun begins to shine through, a glimpse....finally.

Take a chance to see the possibility you might just win..and what if you do?

I promise you a addiction free future where fags dont dictate your routine.; do...its amazing! hold on in there. Im only 11 weeks gone and i can tell you being a non smoker is better than a smoker. Want better for you and you will receive, the hardship you bank now will pay in interests beyond belief.

Give yourselfs the chance to heal, dont expect over night miracles. Take miracles from moments that are

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Brilliant post Nikki :D


Just settling down to go to bed. What positive thoughts to finish day 2 on. Thanks for that :)


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