No Smoking Day
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sold out

Hi friends.

Did my weekly shop today and as normal went up the aisle to pick up my patches. EEK no stage 1 patches of the brand i like.

As it will be my 8th week when i start using them tomorrow i picked up the step 2 patches thinking i would have to step down a week early

Went into chemist to pick up some medicine and saw they had ones i really wanted. Now a happy girl as i can do plan exactly as i planned.

Just goes to show how many people have made a new year resolution to stop smoking. Hopefully be fully stocked next week

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See how well you dealt with that situation? Your particular patches weren't available, so you calmly got some different ones. Once upon a time, that sort of situation would have frustrated me so much that I would have used it as an excuse to buy some fags. :eek: As non-smokers, we are able to deal with these issues in a proper way, and it does feel good! Another hurdle overcome!



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